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Hello, I am Lukas...

…and I believe in producing high-quality work that fuels the engagement between brands and their audience.

About me
code-writing addict, tech passionate, BROTHER, rock climber, runner...

Basically, I am a nice guy!

I wrote my first computer program in the age of 5. I am passionate in Software Engineering, Blockchain Technologies and solving any kind of technical problem. I worked in DevOps for a big enterprise Business as well as a software engineer and consultant for startups and mid-size companies.
As a programmer, I am very experienced with C, Python, Java, Node.js and Solidity, but usually catch up quite quickly with new technologies and languages. In Systems Engineering i am home in the Linux world, but bring a lot of experience on Windows and macOS platform as a user, developer and engineer. Coming to DevOps, I worked most with AWS, Google Cloud, Docker and Jenkins. My main goal is always a maximum level of automation.
In real life, you can find me socializing, having good food, enjoying nature, climbing rocks and running mountains. Currently, I am living in Guatemala, working as a freelancer in DevOps, System Engineering and Software Development.

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